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Kerry 'Womble' Miller is a well known drummer based in Newcastle Australia...

He began his early career in the 1960's in the bands: The Group whose members included Paul Kinder, Peter Fisher, Dennis Simpson, Steve Dunn, Bruce Potter and Kerry Miller on drums. The trio called J C and The Disciples with Peter Lee. In the 1970's Kerry drummed in the band Shannon with Alan, Terry Barker, Doug Gillespie, Larry Van Kriedt, Kent Jackson and Jim Hall.

During the 1980's Kerry Miller played drums and was a vocalist in 20th Century with members: Trevor Mac, Wally King, Graham Bremner, Greg Lewis, Peter Quinn, Tony Coghlan, Des Piper, Graham Frame, Steve Gould and Peter Wholahan. He joined the Trevor Mac Band with: Trevor Mac, Mick Bird, Steve Elsom and Greg Lucas in 1987.

Kerry Miller played drums and percussion in the 1990's in the Australian Joe Cocker show known as Cocker Magic with: Alan Roberts, Steve Cowley, Michael Stove, David Roberts, Mark Loveday, Kim Pink and Nick Cicire. He was a percussionist in Shoephone with Justin 'Ngariki' Bolth, Kent Jackson, Danny Davidson, Col Stein, Shane Simmonds, Kim Pink and George Coutsioucos. Kerry played drums and was a percussionist in Trio Gumbo with Bob Fletcher and Greg Lucas in the late nineties. He played in Voodoo Daddy with Will Grahame.

Kerry Miller played drums and percussion on the track Sugar Train with Ian Sandercoe: vocals, Sam Aulton: backing vocals and Justin 'Ngariki' Bolth: drums and guitar, recorded at Fresh Milk Studio's Dungog.

In the 00's Kerry Miller drummed and was a vocalist in the band Blues Bombers with Flash Sheedy, Mick King and Josh Callaway. He drummed in Room 2 Move with members Bob Fletcher, Tony Coglan, Mark Salter and Paul Coglon.

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